3020 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95822 TEL: 916-394-0528
6101 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95824 TEL: 916-428-6338
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Service & Maintenance

Alignment, Battery, Fog & HeadLights, Fuel Injection Service, Fluid Flush, Oil Change, TPMS Service, Tire Roatation, etc.

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Fix & Repair

ABS, Alternator, Belts, Brakes, Check Engine Light, Heating/Cooling, Hoses, Shocks/Struts, SRS Light, Steering, Supsension, Transmission, etc.

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Performance & Aftermarket

Lower Or Lift your vehicle, Custom Wheels, High Performance Brakes, Exhaust system, HID & LED headlights, High Performance Tires, Luxury Grilles & Chrome accessories & more.

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Services: Repair & Maintenance

Alignments & Steering

A Proper Alignment and wheel balance may help improve vehicle safety, stop the vehicle from pulling or drifting while driving, provide better gas mileage and maximize the life of your tires.  There are several components to an Alignment. Whether you need to Align the front wheels, all four, the steering wheel or all of the above and more, contact the experts at Autobahn Performance today to schedule your appointment Make sure to mention our website.

Auto Repair

Alternators, Brakes, Clutches, Diagnostics, Engine, Fuel System, Fluids, Hoses, Heating & A/C, Power Steering, Radiators, Starters, Transmission, Timing Belts, Water Pumps & more. Here at Autobahn Performance we provide all of your general repairs. Stop by and see the shop & mechanics you can trust.


Your vehicles battery is an essential component of your vehicle. No one want’s to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for someone to give them a jump. The correct battery and proper maintenance at Autobahn Performance will make sure you won’t call a tow truck anytime soon.

Brakes & Rotors

Is your ABS or Brake Light on? Maybe your vehicle just has a noise coming from the brakes? Does your brake pedal feels soft or even worse; it goes all the way to the floor? For these or any other brake issues stop by or call Autobahn Performance to make your appointment. Lifetime replacement warranty pads are also available.

Engine Performance

From Oil changes to superchargers, whether it’s a tune-up or factory mileage maintenance Autobahn Performance can help. Keeping your engine running strong, extended vehicle life and maximum gas mileage are just some of the benefits when proper engine maintenance is performed at Autobahn Performance. Ask about our Air Induction & Fuel System Maintenance.

Headlights, Fog Lights & Tail Lights

Did one of your vehicles light bulbs burn out? Maybe just need to upgrade your bulbs with something that’s brighter? How about entire aftermarket lens? Autobahn Performance is your shop. We stock most light bulbs in Halogen and HID, and our experts can have them installed with care and precision.

Suspension, Shocks & Struts

Original Parts or Aftermarket performance, either way we are your shop. We are Leaders in the suspension industry. When your vehicle has a noise coming from the suspension or is driving oddly, we can help. For those car enthusiasts that want a custom suspension, lowering, lifting, springs, coil overs and kits, we are your shop here at Autobahn Performance. Replacing or upgrading your shocks, struts and suspension components can greatly increase handling, driving performance, gas mileage, extend tire wear and more.


We offer just about every brand of tire under sun here at Autobahn Performance. Our tire experts can help you choose what is right for your application. OEM Stock size, low profile, oversized off road, etc. We can also, computer balance and install your tires. Proper Tire balance , air pressure and tire rotation is essential in maximizing the life of your tires.


Stop by and check out or huge collection of wheel vendors. The options are limitless when it comes to custom wheels. We also provide stock OEM wheels. Our techs will make sure your wheels are installed properly with correct specifications that apply to your vehicle. We can install and program TPMS and assist with just about any wheel concerns.

We Lease Same as CashNo Interest for 90 Days

Progressive Leasing thru Autobahn Performance, Click Here to Apply.Progressive Leasing Financing thru Autobahn Performance

Specials at Autobahn

Oil Change Special Starting Prices: Conventional Oil $29, Synthetic Blend $39, Full Synthetic $49

Brake Pads & Install from $59.95

Front Two Wheel Toe Alignment from $39.99

Fuel System / Air Induction Cleaning $149.99

50% off Alignment with the Purchase of 4 New Tires (Specific Brands)

Free 30 Point Inspection with Appoinment Only

Free Initial ABS, SRS, Check Engine Light Scan

Wiper Blades & Install $20 a pair

Additional Fees and Taxes may apply to any of the services above depending on service, parts and vehicle type.


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